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the ultimate sports GPS

Purpose-built For The Great Outdoors

The Satmap Active 10 is purpose-built for the great outdoors, offering a long battery life in a weatherproof and shockproof casing. It has some of the most advanced navigation technology available:

  • Electronic Compass
  • Direction Indicator
  • On Board Route Planning
  • Map Orientation

A full range of accessories are also available, including:

  • Standard Power Bundle
  • Slimline Power Bundle
  • Solar Power Bundle
  • Bike Mount
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Screen Covers

Plug and Play Mapping

The maps are supplied on map cards that simply plug straight into the Active 10. No other computer or equipment is needed: this is a stand alone system that will work straight out of the box.

All maps supplierd on Secure Data (SD) cards

Over 350 map titles from over 13 countries are available on SD card. View the full map catalogue.

For those people who have a specific map requirement beyond this range, there is a Custom Map service available giving you the chance to create your own unique map.

Active 10 Comparison

Compare the Active 10 packages to decide which one you would like:

Feature Active 10 (UK) Active 10
Active 10
Active 10
Active 10 (EU)
Suggested Retail Price
£300.00 £340.00 £370.00 €400.00 €340.00
Active 10 Unit
Base Mapping World & GB World & GB World & GB World World
Postcode Lookup ***
Local regional map on SD Card
Standard Carry Case & Lanyard
Bike Mount & Bike Back
USB Cable
3 x AA Lithium batteries
Battery Caddy
2700mAh LiPol Rechargeable Battery
Wall Charger & Multi Country Adapters
Car Charger
Quick User Guide
Voucher for 1/3 off first map purchase
3 months free access to Xpedition Premium

Please note:

* The Active 10, Active 10 BIKE and the Active 10 UK PLUS are only available in the UK.
** The Active 10 EU PLUS and the Active 10 (EU) are not sold in the UK.
*** Postcode lookup is only available on Active 10 UK products purchased after November 2009.

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